Play Therapy and Children

At Tapestry, the goals for Christian play therapy are foundationally laid in the biblical goal of encouraging your child’s growth in wisdom as well as stature, in favor with God and man. These include internal growth of cognitive skills, (thinking skills and problem solving), spiritual and emotional growth, and external growth in such areas as social skills and behavior management. Play therapy…

  • is a child-centered approach
  • is conducted within the safe, caring, and accepting environment of a therapeutic relationship
  • uses toys as the words and play as the language
  • uses metaphors in both directive and non- directive play
  • is a catalyst for change, growth, and healing
  • can be instrumental in the development of new skills and behavior management
  • is effective in reducing - and then eliminating - troublesome issues and symptoms such as anxiety and OCD
  • is effective for resolving various types of traumas such as molestation, abuse, and abandonment

Through Christian play therapy, the child is able to discover and begin to…

  • utilize his own strengths and talents
  • grow a new confidence and resiliency
  • face his own unique challenges

…while nourishing his heart, mind and spirit. Play therapy builds a child’s sense of self, as well as their inherent sense of personal value. Through the therapeutic process, a child learns to trust others while experiencing safety and security within the therapeutic relationship and the home.

Play therapy provides your child with a positive experience that carries over into other areas of life including social functioning, behavior, academic performance and family relationships. At Tapestry Psychological Associates, the focus of play therapy is to enhance a child’s relationships, first within in his or her family, and then out into his or her neighborhood, school, church and ball field as they interact with peers and authority figures alike.