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  • Understanding Emotion

    Today Stace Huff and Mary Breshears join me for a conversation about emotion. As a guy, I have to confess that I didn’t even know that I had a feeling – except for anger – until I was almost 30 years old. And it still took me another 10 years to figure out what to do with them. So, if you struggle with how to understand, process and manage your emotions – and don’t we all? - then I think you’re going to find today’s show to be very helpful.

    Understanding Emotion

  • How NOT To Read Your Spouse's Mind

    Today Daniel Peeks and Stace Huff join me for a conversation about mind-reading in marriage. We know how much you hate it when your spouse presumes to know what you’re thinking and feeling during an argument… and sometimes they may be right… but more often they’re wrong. So, in today’s show Daniel and Stace offer some insights into how that happens, why its almost always destructive and how you can learn NOT to read your spouse’s mind. If you’re married and you’re human, I know that you’re going to find today’s conversation helpful.

    How NOT To Read Your Spouse's Mind

  • 2018 New Year's Resolutions

    Today Stace Huff and Mary Breshears join me for a conversation about New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve struggled to follow through in the past and want to try and do it different this year, then I think that you’re going to find today’s podcast helpful.

    2018 New Year's Resolutions

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  • When Mom Needs a Break

    In today's podcast, Jeff talks with Sarah Collier and Stace Huff about the challenge of being a young mother and the importance of knowing when Mom needs to give herself a break. On the surface, “self-care” sounds like selfishness, but I think that as you listen to Stace and Sarah talk you’re going to see how self-care is critical to loving your children and spouse well.  Stace and Sarah have some great insights, as well as a wealth of practical suggestions for young Moms.

    When Mom Needs A Break!

  • Infertility and It's Effect on Marriage

    Infertility is hard. It is really hard. It can take a hold of every part of your being and your life. It can end your marriage. Often the issues that are already present in a marriage become bigger and more noticed when one or both of the partners are struggling with the unfulfilled desire to have a child. Partners are stretched to the limit in what they can give to support each other as they are working to address their own feelings of anxiety, sadness, and often times, anger. Both spouses can feel alone and abandoned by everyone. It may be one of the hardest times in a marriage. It can also be a time of growth and closeness that is unsurpassed.

    It takes a lot to work through the issues that present themselves when a couple finds themselves embroiled in the diagnosis and treatment for infertility. The many options alone can create discussions you may have never dreamed you would have. How do you deal with infertility? The options range from doing nothing all the way to adoption. What does God want you to do? What do you believe is the right thing to do? Does your spouse agree? Then there are the spiritual issuesssues of abandonment by God, guilt for feeling angry at every pregnant woman you see, and depression and anxiety that resurface after years of feeling as though you or your spouse conquered those issues!

    When you and your spouse begin the journey to conquer your infertility it is imperative that you also resolve to protect your hearts and your marriage.  Marriage counseling can be a valuable resource in this regard. A well-trained counselor can provide you a safe and consistent place to discuss the feelings that accompany this very stressful time. Counseling can also provide an opportunity for each partner to support the other while feeling like they are not on an island alone. Marriage counseling can also allow you and your spouse to focus on the task at hand, becoming parents, without ripping your marriage apart. When you are trying to become pregnant, you take care of your physical well-being so that you and your new baby can have a healthy start to your new life together.  In the same way, you need to care for your emotional and relational well-being so that you and your new baby can have a healthy home and family.  You must fight for yourself and your marriage during this time, as God works in you to bring you and your spouse closer and prepares you to enjoy the life that will fill your home.