Thomas Buchanan, BS


Thomas Buchanan's Contact Information

Email: | Office Phone: 770 425-8275 x105


MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Richmont Graduate University, 2018

BS Business Management
Clemson University, 2008


  • Anxiety and Men’s Issues
  • Couples
  • Depression


Master’s Level Counseling Intern


Thomas tends to take "the long way round" to get most places in life. Even though his middle name is Speed (it's true he will show you his driver's license) he likes to take things at his own pace.

Growing up, Thomas always did just enough to stay out of trouble and under the radar. He was always perfectly content with being the kid with "unmet potential" because that way he couldn't fail. He knew if he tried to meet his potential, there was the possibility of falling short and people seeing he wasn't really as smart or talented or good as they thought. He coasted through high school in Greenville, SC where he attended regular church and Young Life events. He coasted right into Clemson University, not because he worked hard enough, but by the grace of The Lord because God knew Thomas needed the tools and experience he'd gain there for what was to come. While at Clemson, on top of cultivating a love for Clemson football and playing on the lake, Thomas learned to hear God's voice and listen to what He is saying through other's stories. Listening to God with others planted a seed that would eventually become the desire to be a counselor.

Thomas has had jobs ranging from sheet metal shops to swimming pools to truck driving seats and everywhere in between, but there was always something deeper calling him out of these temporary roadside attractions. Most recently he tried his hand at running a video production company until The Lord finally said: "It's time." Thomas knew he'd delayed long enough, and it was time to say yes to an invitation he'd had on the shelf for so many years. 

Though Thomas is just getting started in his clinical journey, he has such a peace surrounding his work that comes only from walking in the gifts God has been yearning to use within him. In counseling, Thomas has finally found something worth risking his reputation for.Now he is in his final year of graduate school at Richmont Graduate University finishing his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Thomas approaches counseling knowing that he is not the expert, but he knows The Expert and wishes to collaborate with his clients and The Holy Spirit to find health and healing from the source of all healing, Jesus Christ.

Thomas has been married to his wife Andrea since May 2016 and enjoys traveling and going on adventures with her whenever possible. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle and as much time on the lake as he can get!