Professional counseling is an effective method for helping people overcome personal barriers and increase positive qualities.


All Tapestry therapists are trained to address a variety of issues in men, women, adolescents, and children. Individual therapy can help resolve difficulties such as depression, anxiety, sexual compulsivity, relationship problems, and anger issues. It can also be beneficial in helping children and adolescents overcome emotional problems, or various traumas.


Many Tapestry therapists are specially trained to address a variety of relational problems in dating, engaged, or married couples. Couples therapy can help married couples who are wrestling with deeply ingrained relational patterns, engaged couples who feel stuck on a specific issue, or simply improve communication and conflict resolution skills.


Some Tapestry therapists are uniquely trained to address the complex needs of the modern family. Family therapy can be a powerfully beneficial intervention to help parents and their children, no matter the age or stage in life.. Often, individual and family therapy strategies are interwoven in order to meet the specific needs of a family.


Play Therapy is an invaluable therapeutic approach proven to achieve positive results in children, adolescents, and trauma survivors. Through play and art, children can be effectively engaged in the therapeutic process. With toys as words and play as language, this approach engages the senses to address a broad range of behavioral, emotional, or relational difficulties, as well as disruptions stemming from attachment problems and trauma. [More].