Matt Driggers, MA

Matt Driggers

Matt Driggers' Contact Information

Email: | Office Phone: 770.425.8275


B.S. Psychology
Stetson University

M.A. Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary


  • Couples Therapy
  • Couples Recovering from Infidelity
  • Couple Recovering from Sexual Addiction
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Burnout


  • Masters Level Counseling Intern
  • Commissioned by NorthPoint Church


The absence of a stable father figure left Matt searching for a compelling vision of manhood. Thus, his vision for what it meant to lead, love, and be loved mimicked a shallow, superficial version of masculinity filled with bravado and pseudo strength. He married his college sweetheart, and it wasn't long before they found themselves ill-equipped to face the forces that cause all marriages to drift toward disconnection.

After almost a decade as a commercial pilot, Matt attended seminary and transitioned into full-time ministry. As a pastor, Matt noticed that many men and even more couples shared the same struggles for connection, closeness, and meaning. He met couples who never learned to speak the language of emotion. He watched them battle for unity while hiding from intimacy and authenticity - a combination that doesn't work. He met men who had never had anyone advocate for their masculinity and thus limited their manhood to being a "nice guy" or "bad boy."

As a counselor, Matt helps individuals and couples process their past, make sense of their present and create the type of relationship that leaves a legacy for generations to come. He works with you to create a plan for increasing connection while identifying and minimizing barriers to intimacy.

In his own life and relationships, he has benefited from the guidance of competent professional counselors and graceful relationships. He believes that God's grace changes people, and he tries to bring this grace into every counseling session. Today Matt is still married to his college sweetheart, and they live in East Cobb with their three children and two dogs. He is an avid boater, and in his free time, you can usually find him out on the water.