David Sherwood, Intern


David Sherwood's Contact Information

Email: david.sherwood@tapestryassociates.com | Office Phone: 770-425-8275 x105


MA Marriage and Family Therapy 
 Richmont Graduate University, 2017

BA Secondary Education 
 Oakland University, 2002


  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Adolescents
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Men’s Issues


David had been searching for God his entire life, but didn’t realize this fact until his early twenties. The famous French mathematician and theologian, Blaise Pascal, wrote about the God-shaped “vacuum” in the heart of every person. David spent the majority of his youth trying to fill the hole in his heart with all manner of ill-fitting pursuits: athletic and academic achievements, relationships, international travel, and reckless living. Shortly after graduating from college, David had the experience that C.S. Lewis described so well when he wrote, “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” David began his search for the reality of that other world. At the age of 23, he was painfully aware that his life was incredibly more fortunate than the vast majority of the seven billion people living on the planet, and yet he found himself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his existence with each passing year. He felt that he had everything, and yet nothing. In his case, despair did not come from being weary of trials, but weary of pleasure.

David has spent the last decade teaching high school students Spanish, Biology, and about God, sex, love, relationships, spirituality, and the Scriptures. While he loved to facilitate learning experiences in a classroom, his duties as a teacher always seemed to take second place to what he loved to do most with his students — connect with them one-on-one through conversations about their trials and struggles and about what was most meaningful to them. Since making the transition from educator to full-time counseling student, David has realized that his passion to help people navigate difficult seasons of life is not relegated to teenagers and their parents, but anyone who is hurting or recognizes a need for personal change.

In life, and in counseling, David operates from the perspective that all people are wired to desire one experience more than anything else that existence provides. Everyone, whether they realize it or not, is looking to give and receive unconditional love and acceptance. Ultimately, David believes, a perfect unconditional experience of love can only be found in a relationship with the One who created us to love. People, no matter how well intentioned, will let us down. Counseling can be tremendously helpful in figuring out how to thrive while living in a broken world, among broken people. At times in life, mustering the strength to love, forgive, persevere, overcome, communicate clearly and compassionately, or work toward healing can seem impossible. David believes it is in these times that we need a space to step out of life as usual, talk about what life is doing, and has done to our minds, hearts, and relationships, and determine what steps might be taken to bring about more peace, healing, victory, connection, and well-being. David is passionate about providing that space; free of judgement and full of focused attention, understanding, and compassion.

David has been married to his wife since 2004, and has three young children. He enjoys taking photos of his kids, writing down random thoughts, dining out with his wife, studying the Bible, and trying to avoid serious injury while reliving his glory days on the basketball court.