Daniel B. Peeks, MA, LMFT

Daniel B. Peeks's Contact Information

Email: daniel.peeks@tapestryassociates.com | Office Phone: 770.425.8275


M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy
Richmont Graduate University, 2014

B.S. Psychology
Mississippi State University, 2003


  • Marriage and Couples Counseling
  • Substance Abuse/Addictions
  • Sexual Addictions Issues
  • Men’s Issues
  • Anxiety


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


How does a guy from Birmingham, Alabama who graduated from Mississippi State University find himself living in Daejeon, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan for half of his twenties? This same guy married a woman from London, England here in Atlanta in 2009. “Life’s a journey” is not simply a cheesy cliche. Life is also a process.

Daniel Peeks’ story has a theme: seeking relationships. All through his childhood and adolescence, Daniel never felt like he was good enough or that he had much to offer others, particularly those of the opposite sex. He had the desire, but anxiety and fear held him at bay. Daniel had many relational hypotheses growing up on how to overcome those emotional obstacles. Some he tested, with disastrous or destructive results. Those being the ones that seemingly only met his own needs, or the wrong motives, which left him where he started: alone. Others required more maturity to see their validity and truth.

Daniel’s journey overseas was a quest for self-discovery, transformation and healing. It was also a journey that taught him that going to the ends of the earth isn’t far enough to avoid the face he sees in the mirror each day. That guy knew from early on in his life that he wanted to study psychology and work in the counseling field to help people overcome challenges, and yet somehow he ended up in Asia teaching English at an academy and leading an English Bible study at a small church. What was that all about? Daniel’s theory is that his personal journey required going to the ends of the earth to get out of his comfort zone, to figure out who he was and to grow and mature. Ultimately he came to realize that the love of Christ was real and God’s perfect will was always in play, even in the least religious country in the world. Regardless of what he was doing or where he was doing it, he belonged to someone—he belonged to God.

Daniel would say his comfort zone has always been around people, particularly those who were in need. He graduated from Richmont Graduate University with a Masters in marriage and family therapy because of that desire to sit with individuals and couples who need someone to help them sort through their issues and re-connect their relationships. Through Christ, God is always available to us, but the instruments of God are often His people. We heal through relationship.

Daniel and his wife, Fidelle, have two lovely children who enjoy going to the zoo and love the beach. Daniel often spends his free time reading, working on cars, and playing the electric guitar.