Like a tapestry, your life is a story woven from many threads.
These threads vary in color and texture. Some are vibrant,
some are dark. Some are smooth, while others are rough.
In all their variety, they create the story of your life—a story that in the Creator’s hands becomes a redemptive work of art. On His loom, frayed relationships are re-woven into a strong fabric. Dark threads of trauma become the backdrop for bright victories. Our passion is to join in your story and to play a role in the redemption of your life's tapestry.

Core Values

We value integrity, honesty and authenticity in all areas of life.

We value the Bible as the standard for truth against which all professional and personal values, psychological research/theory, and therapeutic technique is measured.

We value spirituality and strive to maintain a vital relationship with Christ; we openly acknowledge the challenges and joys associated with this endeavor.

We value a genuine and authentic expression of our faith in Christ.

While we embrace our own brokenness and our dependence on Grace, we place a high value on personal, relational and spiritual growth.

We resist being defined or fatally limited by our failures and weaknesses; we strive for personal and relational growth consistent with the Image in which we were uniquely created.

We value professional excellence and accountability as defined by the State of Georgia (Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists; Georgia State Board or Examiners of Psychologists) and the broader professional community of psychologists (APA), professional counselors (ACA, AACC) and social workers.

We understand Tapestry Psychological Associates to be a part of the Christian community and, as such, a servant to that community, as well as the broader community of metropolitan Atlanta.

We respect the unique experience, calling and struggle of each individual.

We recognize the need for relationship and purposeful existence to be central features of the human personality.

While we value the significance of human relationships and the importance of fostering intimacy and integrity in them, we believe that the individual’s need for love and acceptance can only be fully met through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ