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  • Honesty in the Face of Suffering

    Today Bev Elliott and Thomas Buchanan join me for a conversation on the heartbreak of being a Georgia Bulldog fan. And, then, on a more serious note, we discuss the challenge of maintaining an honest relationship with God in the face of suffering and loss. I think that you’ll find Bev and Thomas’ insights on how to pray with courage and humility, particularly helpful.

    Honesty in the Face of Loss

  • What Do You Want? Protest or Understanding

    Today Daniel Peeks and Mary Breshears join me for a conversation about protest and understanding. Using the current conflict around kneeling during the national anthem as a launching pad, Mary and Daniel offer insights on how we tend to become so preoccupied with the behavior or protests of our loved ones that we often miss rich opportunities to understand and connect with them better. I think that you’re going to find today’s conversation helpful to you as a parent, a spouse and , perhaps, a citizen.

    Protest and Understanding

  • Fear and Rejection

    Today Bev Elliott and Thomas Buchanan join me for a conversation about rejection. Designed to experience the perfect love of a heavenly father, but living as broken persons in a fallen world, we are all primed to experience some degree of rejection in our human relationships. That is inevitable. What is within our control, though, is how we manage the subsequent fear of rejection. I think that everyone will find today’s discussion helpful, because as Thomas and Bev show us, the fear of rejection is something we will all wrestle with.

    Fear and Rejection

  • Men and Emotion

    Today Mary Breshears and Daniel Peeks join me for an interesting discussion regarding marriage and how men react to their wives when they get emotional.  I think that both men and women will find today's show to be helpful.  

    Men and Emotion

  • Why Do I Keep Doing That?

    Today Mary Breshears and our counseling intern, Thomas Buchanan discuss why it is that we sometimes do the exact thing we tell ourselves that we’re not going to do. The Apostle Paul talked about this in Romans, but in today’s podcast we’re going to let Mary and Thomas weigh in on this dilemma as we consider the idea that we have different parts of ourselves that compete with the deepest, most true self. I think you’ll find today’s podcast thought-provoking.

    Why Do I Keep Doing That?

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