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  • Empowering Your Kids

    Today Sarah Collier and Melissa King join me for a conversation about parenting during your child’s social crises. Whether its dealing with the bully, the mean girl or some other social hiccup that your child confronts, how a parent engages with their child can either bolster or frustrate their development. Although our mainstream culture is currently bent toward overprotecting children from even the slightest threat to their identity or worth, Melissa and Sarah have some great insights in...

  • Be SMART in 2018

    Today Sarah Collier joins me for a conversation about how to set SMART Goals for the upcoming year. A couple of weeks ago, we had a podcast about the internal barriers that keep us from fulfilling our New Year’s Resolutions but in today’s show, we’re going to focus on making sure that you’re setting the right kind of goals and resolutions for the year. Sarah’s got some great ideas and I think that you’re going to find today’s conversation helpful.Downloa...

  • What NOT To Do When Your College Student Comes Home This Christmas!

    Today Stace Huff and Sarah Collier join us for a conversation for parents of young adults. In anticipation of college students returning home across the holidays, they've got some advice about What Not To Do while your college students are home for the Holidays.  Download

  • When Mom Needs a Break

    In today's podcast, Jeff talks with Sarah Collier and Stace Huff about the challenge of being a young mother and the importance of knowing when Mom needs to give herself a break. On the surface, “self-care” sounds like selfishness, but I think that as you listen to Stace and Sarah talk you’re going to see how self-care is critical to loving your children and spouse well.  Stace and Sarah have some great insights, as well as a wealth of practical suggestions for young M...

  • Boundaries: What's Mine and What's Yours

    What do you first think of when you hear the word “boundaries?” Lines? Fences? Walls?