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  • 10 Ideas for Dating Your Spouse

      How often do you break out of your normal routine and enjoy activities that are new and out of the ordinary with your spouse? Do it more often and it could be good for your marriage! Research conducted by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia has found that couples who enjoy regular date nights have stronger and happier marriages.

  • The Good Samaritan and the Better Samaritan (Who's Actually a Jew)

      When I think back to my early days of Sunday School, what I remember most vividly are the stories.  Each week biblical scenes came to life through flannel graph depictions and dramatic readings.  My favorites were always the ones with animals: Noah’s Ark, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Jonah and the Whale.

  • Spotlight on: Daniel Peeks

    This month we turn the spotlight on Daniel Peeks, one of our Master’s level therapists who just joined Tapestry in March of 2014. Daniel is a recent graduate of Richmont University. He specializes in working with couples, as well as individuals who are struggling with substance abuse, pornography use and sexual addiction.

  • Spotlight On: Mary Breshears

    Mary radiates kindness and warmth. She enjoys engaging in conversation with people and values the connections that she creates with these interactions. She describes her childhood home in Columbus, Georgia as supportive.

  • Dangerous Hope: The Confessions of a Man with Too Many Christmas Lights

    I own entirely too many Christmas lights for a man of my age and each November I waste about 24 man hours installing the 18,108 mini lights I own (Yes.  In 2008, I counted them).  Lest you worry that perhaps this may be too many lights for a residential home, please know that I am cautious; after blowing any given breaker, I always remove one strand from the offending line before I flip the breaker back on and then secure a new outlet for the subsequent battery of lights.  I have ...

  • Spotlight on: Bonnie Bassett

    Tapestry Associates is made up of a group of unique and caring professionals, one of which is Bonnie Bassett.  Bonnie has been working with individual women and adolescents along with couples at Tapestry for 5 years. She specializes in trauma, depression, anxiety, and difficult life transitions. Bonnie loves seeing the impact counseling has, watching how it changes lives in remarkable ways.

  • Trimming the Tree & Other Traditions

    Trimming the Tree and other Traditions, Atlanta-Style Growing up in Atlanta, I have so many Christmas memories and traditions that our family enjoyed, and later my husband and I tweaked as our own. One of the first I remember is The Pink Pig, which coincided with the Lighting of the Rich’s Department Store tree on Thanksgiving night. The Pigs, first Priscilla, then later Percival as well, seemed roomy enough at the time, were, in fact, very diminutive trains which rode along the ceiling of the t...

  • Spotlight on Stan Hoover

    This month we turn the spotlight on Stan Hoover, one of our Master’s level therapists who specializes in working with trauma victims and individual counseling for men. Stan spent his childhood in Franklin, PA, a small town he describes as having “lots of cows, and lots of snow.” One of his favorite childhood traditions was the yearly pilgrimage on Groundhog Day. “We used to wake up early, make the trek up Gobbler's Knob, and stand in the freezing cold and snow to see if Punxsutawney Phil -- "the...

  • We are Wired for Connection

    As I walk away from the office, my mind is occupied by the day’s events and concerns.  My body is tense and a headache threatens.  Unruly thoughts and questions intrude on my awareness like enemy scouts probing for weakness...,